Unique culinary experience
Szeroka street – called by many a “saloon of Kazimierz”. In fact, it’s not really a street, but rather long public place. There are as many as three synagogues, where during sabbath Jews used to gather in order to participate in traditional prayers.

At Szeroka ther are Center for Jewish Culture, bookstores, and many hotels and restaurants. For many years, Szeroka have been a host of an annual festive concert, which has made it to become a great artistic event.

No. 39 – this is where our restaurant is located. It’s a unique place with amazing atmosphere, recommended by Michelin Guide. We serve dishes of international cuisine with some polish and Scandinavian courses


Chef's choice


Lunch 5.08 - 9.08

Aromatic soup + main dish = 29 PLN! 🍴
Aromatic soup + main dish + dessert = 38 PLN! 🍴
Check out our menu and stop by for a delicious lunch in the heart of Jewish Quarter. 😋
🥣 Soups:
1. Broth with noodles
2. Cold cucumber soup
🥘 Main dishes:
1. Breaded chicken tenderloins, french fries, vinaigrette salad
2. „Pierogi’’ – dumplings with cottage cheese, potatoes, and fried onions
🍰 Dessert:
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce